Somavedic came to our life thanks to the trust and generosity of Marcela and Martin, who have been working with and distributing Somavedic for some years now.

From the first moment we were visiting them for some other reasons at their place, we were literally surrounded with small Somavedic “UFOs” and I had immediately in my mind, that we have to have one. I’ve tried to guess the price of it, but I failed big time? Fortunately, they were very generous and borrowed us one for a month. One month has than passed and I knew, that I can’t be without it, our small “UFO” will be with us forever?

But how to best describe it’s influence? Except all of that what has officially been measured already, that it neutralizes geophatogenic zones, electrosmog, structures water, influences our blood etc. there are much deeper things happening. They are harder to describe because you can’t measure them – it is Somavedic’s influence on relationships. I will mention just a few. I can see its positive impact on my sons and their relationship. My younger son has opened much more and stopped being in so much self-pity. He trusts himself more as well. Older one stopped to bother the younger one so much and they spend more time with each other. When I and my partner are dealing with some kind of misunderstanding between us, it’s deeper at the moment, but it’s more efficient and we connect faster with each other after that. We are able to listen to each other more as well, even when we are under the pressure of our emotions. I myself passed on some injustice and prejudice I was withholding. There are so many things as I mentioned before that are beyond any possible “measurements”.

Another absolutely phenomenal ability of Somavedic is the purifying and structuring of water that with the combination with a pyramid is creating a water that is smooth like silk. What can be measured with eyes as well, is its influence on plants. The plants were growing on my balcony even during the winter and right behind the window is a jungle of them. Plus the Christmas tree was just not losing its needles at all.
Last but not least, it is a really calming and pleasant “being” to look at. The combinations of precious stones, glass, and inner lights are creating a beautiful cosmic spectacle.