In towns and cities, the technically generated level of electromagnetic radion radiation, that is typical nowadays, is from ten million up to billion times higher, than the natural electromagnetic relict radiation which is necessary for life. That means we are all constantly exposed to electromagnetic pollution.

The excessive quantity of technical electromagnetic fields leads to numerous nature, animal and human biological disorders, caused by penetration of technical electromagnetic signals in the information systems of our cells and body organs.

Electrosmog Description

We even use these technologies nonstop in our private lives too – devices such as smartphones, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, remote-controlled garage door opening – all of these technologies are based on wireless communication systems.

This long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation induces, among others, poor quality of sleep, loss of vitality, headaches, impaired concentration, tinnitus, decreased mental and physical endurance and a higher burden on the cardiovascular system.

Somavedic was specifically designed to harmonize these unwanted influences on our health.

Whether we are talking about geopathogenic zones or electrosmog, their effects and side effects can be harmonized by Somavedic.